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The key to effective Fraud Graphics is neither slick software packages nor the latest 3D imagery, but a combination of disparate skills that result in graphics so effective the viewer is subtly guided through the process, without distraction from the message they are being given.

With experience of over seventy fraud investigations, and over thirty trials, Sandy Danbury, founder of Virtue Investigation & Court Graphics, guarantees a wealth of knowledge and an invaluable back catalogue of successful graphic solutions to feed the creation of the right graphics package for you.

  • The CDU needed to give as much realism to CPIA course material as possible. We requested numerous docs for inclusion in the practical course material. Sandy created bank statements, bloomberg newsfeeds and emails between suspects. Her hard work and amazing graphics certainly helped us in making the course a success.

    Criminal Disclosure Officer

  • You produced the material extremely quickly, the next day after our meeting. It was used to brief counsel, who was full of praise for it and commented on how clear and helpful he had found it.

    Criminal Investigator

  • You were assiduous and meticulous in your assessment of the detail which meant that we could exclude some unnecessary information in the diagrams.

    Junior Counsel

  • You helped me design a one page organogram to try and illustrate connections between twenty seven firms and individuals. The organogram was considered to be successful as it assisted developing a Supervision-led early intervention into an Enforcement investigation.

    Regulatory Investigator

  • The work is impressive – Sandy demonstrated a very good understanding of the brief, producing a number of suitable options very quickly. This was particularly impressive after others had been unable to provide any inspiring options.

    JFAC Secretariat

  • Sandy was very patient, always helpful and clear in her guidance and shared her knowledge with great enthusiasm. She also reviewed drafts of my evidential timeline and gave very constructive feedback. The timeline was regarded as an effective way of communicating complex facts by colleagues.

    Regulatory Paralegal

  • The graphics brought the clarity required to aid the understanding of someone who was not familiar with the subject matter. We used them to aid high level decision making and for new members of the team, to assist them in coming to grips with the case details.

    Senior Forensic Accountant